Independence Matters

Independence Matters2017-11-27T08:51:48-04:00


No Bank, Broker-Dealer, Insurance Company or Financial Conglomerate Owns or Controls Successful Portfolios.

Successful Portfolios LLC is a partner-owned, fee-only SEC Registered Investment Advisor Firm headquartered in Clearwater, Florida.

Our recommendations are never biased by parent company sales campaigns, cross-selling initiatives, and top-down directives.

At Successful Portfolios, you experience honest, personal service not the hard-sell, cookie-cutter sales culture prevalent at other financial organizations.

Our Only Line of Business is Advising Clients.

We don’t charge commissions or accept remuneration from product sponsors.

We don’t sell insurance, annuities, credit cards, checking accounts or any other financial product.

We always act as a fiduciary looking out for your best interest. 

Your assets are held separately in your own account, safe and secure at a well-respected independent custodian, usually Charles Schwab or Interactive Brokers.