ARK Big Ideas – Investments with Conversational Alpha.

Get ARK Investment Ideas and Conversational Alpha*. Read about growth, innovation, and the stock market. Learn about:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Battery Technology, electric vehicles, and green energy.
  • Blockchain including cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and fintech.
  • Robotics and automation including 3D printing.
  • Gene sequencing and biotechnology.

Download the ARK Big Ideas 2022 Report Slide Deck here.

ARKs Big Ideas. Conversational Alpha. Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Battery Tech | Blockchain | Robotics | Biotech

ARK’s ETFs have had a difficult time as of late. But ARK investment ideas are always fun to read. The big ideas report has one hundred thirty-one pages of fascinating food for thought and cocktail party conversation tidbits.

*No one should guarantee investment alpha in the stock market. Alpha (α) is an investment term used to describe a strategy that beats the market (outperforms SPY or VTI).  Alpha is often referred to as the excess return or abnormal rate of return on a portfolio. Glean ARK investment ideas from the ARK Innovation ETF portfolio shown below.

Stocks held by the ARK Innovation ETF as of 1/26/2022.