Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Hello, I’m Parker Evans, CFA, CFP, and President and Founder of Successful Portfolios. Buy, sell, hold? Better-informed opinions have more meaningful value.

And make no mistake. Whether you hold investments or uninvested cash, you need to know when to buy, sell, or do nothing.

It’s an unavoidable high-stakes decision.

What’s worse, stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, options, and alternatives are notoriously difficult to evaluate for a novice or non-professional. Investing is hard even for an investment professional.


Moreover, the stock market can be an emotional rollercoaster. A steady hand is crucial for long-term success.



That’s why collaborating with a proven, licensed advisor makes a lot of sense for most individuals and families. Overconfident or uninformed do-it-yourself investing can wreak havoc on a family’s financial security.

Expert knowledge and fiduciary guidance are invaluable. You can rely on our Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professionals to know the ins and outs of investing and portfolio management.

 Our Certified Financial Planner (CFP) pros can help you craft a financial plan that maps a clear path for achieving your goals, ambitions, and aspirations.


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At Successful Portfolios, our life’s work is helping individuals and families grow and protect wealth. Let’s talk! Feel free to call or text me, Parker Evans, CFA, CFP, at ?(727) 282-5556?.


My final point here. Investment decisions should be made in the context of your overall portfolio and financial plan. A stock tip or a securities analyst’s buy or sell rating is an impersonal opinion and subject to change. And without context, even the best investment idea may or may not be suitable for you.