Reverse Mortgage – True or False Quiz

"For the average American couple at age 65, home equity makes up more than two-thirds of their total wealth, according to 2011 U.S. Census data. More specifically, the median net worth for married couples age 65 and older is $284,790. Of this amount, $192,552 is in home equity, and $92,238 is in non-equity assets, including [...]


Read this before you claim your Social Security benefit. Don't make an uninformed fast grab for cash. Bottom line is that for most people, the risk-adjusted return on delaying your Social Security claim is higher than any other investment you can make.

How to Calculate the Internal Rate of Return on an Annuity or Pension

What is the rate of return on a lifetime fixed annuity? The answer depends on the amount of money you must invest upfront, the amount of income you will receive annually, and how long you will live....