Five Ways Protect Your Wealth in a Stock Market Crash

Learn more about protecting wealth with 1) Asset Allocation, 2) Market Timing, 3) Stop-loss Orders, 4) Structured Products including annuities, 5) Put options.


Read this before you claim your Social Security benefit. Don't make an uninformed fast grab for cash. Bottom line is that for most people, the risk-adjusted return on delaying your Social Security claim is higher than any other investment you can make.

Stock Picking, Short Selling and Put Options

Stock picking is not easy.  Sure you can make money picking stocks.  But the real question is can you do better than simply buying a low cost index ETF?  Most investors can’t.  Picking stocks to short-sell is even tougher.  To execute a short-sale you pick a stock that you think will go down.  Then you [...]

What is “Interest Rate Risk”? Are you taking too much?

One way to look at interest rate risk is to consider what happens to the value of your investment if interest rates change.  Interest rate risk is fundamental to fixed income investments including U.S. Treasury bonds, notes and bills. By way of example, as of this writing a ten year Treasury note yields 2.25% to maturity....

What is the “Fear Index” and why should I care?

The VIX Index is a measure of market expectations for near-term stock price volatility derived from current market quotes on S&P 500 index options.  The VIX is also known as the "Fear Index".  Watching the VIX allows professional portfolio managers to monitor the cost of principal-protecting a stock portfolio. VIX Index - Click to [...]