The Stock Market Crash of 1987

Here is how the Stock Market Crash of 1987 went down. Crash, volatility, consolidation. The bottom was in. There was no recession.... Critical rules for making money in the stock market: Don’t Sell at the Bottom in a Panic and Don't Panic and Sell at the Bottom.

Bottom Fishing Stock Market Turnaround Situations

...What once may have been a respected, widely-held large cap stock is now a despised and embarrassing penny stock subject to exchange delisting. Many times these companies go bankrupt and stockholders lose everything. Other times a turnaround develops that offers favorable short-term trading opportunities. Some turnaround situations even prove to be long-term stock market winners going forward. It is important to recognize that a stock can represent a good investment risk even if it's highly likely to decline in price and eventually become worthless. Let me explain...

A Low-Cost Global Growth & Income ETF Portfolio

At Successful Portfolios, we recently created a low-cost Global Growth & Income Model Portfolio. A breakdown of the portfolio can be found here. Our model holds five strategically selected Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Each ETF is available for commission-free trading through Schwab ETF OneSource. Our selected ETFs are as follows: