IRA-Based Retirement Plans for Employers

This simple, easy to digest, table outlines the three IRA-Based Retirement Plans available to small employers, including the self-employed.  IRA-Based retirement plans are low-cost and easy to administer.  These plans have the potential to save participants thousands of dollars in income taxes. Download Source Document.
IRA-Based Retirement Plans for Small Employers
Defined benefit plans and 401(k) plans can be tricky and costly to administer.  Consider offering your employees an IRA benefit instead.  A retirement plan is a must-have benefit that your employees will appreciate. And by the way, an employer sponsoring a new plan may be eligible for a tax credit.
At Successful Portfolios, we recommend Charles Schwab to our clients seeking to provide an IRA-based retirement plan to their employees. Call us at (727) 744-3614, and we’ll show you how to do it right. Talk to the pros at Successful Portfolios about saving taxes with IRAs- traditional, SEP, and SIMPLE. Satisfaction guaranteed.