Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a collaborative process between a client and an advisor that results in a plan of action for attaining a client’s goals and aspirations.

At Successful Portfolios, we believe your advisor should be a Certified Planner Pro. And he should provide you with written documentation of your plan.

A comprehensive financial plan begins with a personal financial statement that includes a compilation of your net worth and cash flow. 

Also, your plan should address investment strategy, taxes, asset protection, retirement, and estate planning.

Hiring a professional advisor is a smart move that reduces the stress of setting and prioritizing goals. Most importantly, a professional plan maps clear strategies for realizing your objectives.

Start planning today with Successful Portfolios’ free, award-winning, online Financial Planning Toolbox powered by Right Capital. Build a fantastic interactive and dynamic financial plan that both you and your choice of advisor can access online. You’ll be glad you did!


Free Financial Planning Toolbox

The 7-Step Financial Planning Process
Successful Portfolios Seven-Step Financial Planning Process: Data Gathering and Client Discovery, Goal Setting, Current Course Analysis, Plan Development, Presentation of Recommendations, Plan Implementation, Plan Monitoring and Updating