Interactive Brokers + Independent Advisor = Smart Investing

Watch this striking, scenic video! Remember, at Successful Portfolios, our credentialed, pros always have your back. As of July 2019, we managed over $92,000,000 in client assets at Interactive Brokers. Our viewpoint as an independent advisor ensures a fiduciary focus on your financial best interest.

For more information Download the Interactive Brokers Investor Presentation.

Interactive Brokers Comparison


Five Benefits Our Clients Love About Interactive Brokers (IB)

  1. Higher Interest Paid on Insured Cash Balances
  2. Earn Extra Income on your Portfolio with IB’s Stock Lending Program
  3. Lowest Published Margin Borrowing Rates of Any Broker
  4. Transparent, Low Commission Rates
  5. Support Best Trade Executions in Stock and Bond Markets Worldwide

However, IB’s not for everyone. That’s why Successful Portfolios is also an authorized, independent advisor at Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade. Successful Portfolios aims to ensure your account custody is optimal, safe, and secure, held in your name at the broker best suited for you.