Online Broker Commission and Margin Rates Comparison Grid

Check out this Cost Comparison of Commission and Margin Rates at Interactive Brokers (IB), E*Trade, Fidelity, Scottrade, Schwab, TD Ameritrade and Vanguard.

Click image below to enlarge grid. Or go to source LINK from InteractiveBrokers.com.

IB equity commission rate shown above is the average client commissions on trades executed by IB in October 2017. Note that IB charges a $10 per month minimum activity fee on accounts under $100,000. On the other hand, IB does not charge for corporate actions, option assignments, or account closing ACATS for which other brokers charge $20 and more.

Most Online Brokers Provide a List of ETFs Available for Trading Commission-Free

ETFdb.com provides a handy listing of commission-free ETFs available for trading at Charles SchwabVanguardTD AmeritradeFidelityInteractive Brokers, and E*TRADE.

The Cost of Trading Bonds Can Vary More Than Commissions for Stocks and Options

At Schwab, Fidelity, and E*Trade bond commissions are $1.00 per bond, at Interactive Brokers, $1.00 on the first 10 bonds then $.25 per bond for orders over 10 bonds.  TD Ameritrade is less transparent and offers bond trades on a “net yield basis”.  Vanguard commissions start at $2.00 per bond.

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