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SP Robo Advisor is powered by Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™  available on PC Desktop, Android and Apple devices.

 Successful Portfolios Low-Cost Automated Robo Advisor

Successful Portfolios Robo Advisor (SP Robo Advisor) combines BlackRock Target Allocation ETF Models with Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ (IIP) trading and custody services. Leverage the expertise of industry leaders BlackRock and Charles Schwab and gain your own personal team of investment experts at Successful Portfolios.

Quick and easy, SP Robo Advisor can help you consolidate stranded retirement accounts, save money, and invest. You’ll experience great service from the pros at Successful Portfolios for an ultra-low advisory fee of 0.50% annualized and no commissions or transaction fees.

Questions? Call us at (727) 744-3614, or email robo@successfulportfolios.com, or contact @SPRoboAdvisor on Facebook.

Opening an Account is Easy.

Go to Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ and signup online or use the Android or Apple App.  When you signup, be sure to input Successful Portfolios’ four digit client access program key– 2KMY.  Now watch David Bennett, CFA, CFP show you how easy it is to open and fund an SP Robo account using your smartphone:

Program Key:  2KMY

Easy Five Step Enrollment Diagram (Click to Enlarge)

Team Photo

SP Robo Team: Parker Evans, Joe Baer, David Bennett

Successful Portfolios LLC (SP) is an independent Registered Investment Advisor not owned, affiliated or endorsed by Charles Schwab or BlackRock. SP Robo Advisor seeks to replicate BlackRock Target ETF Model asset allocations. Schwab IIP rebalancing algorithms may constrain full model replication and SP Robo portfolios will sometimes utilize substitute ETFs in place of BlackRock recommended iShares ETFs. BlackRock Investments, LLC is the distributor for iShares ETFs.