Retirement Planning: Parker Evans, CFA, CFP Explains the 4% Rule

“The 4% spending rule states that retirees with a diversified portfolio split between stocks and bonds can safely withdraw 4% of their initial balance at retirement, adjusting the dollar amount for inflation each year thereafter.”  —Revisiting the 4% Rule – Vanguard Paper

The 4% Rule remains a viable financial planning rule of thumb.  Choosing a sustainable portfolio withdrawal rate is near paramount to the success of a retirement plan.  –Parker Evans, CFA, CFP, CMT

About the Author:

Parker Evans, CFA, CFP, CMT is President of Successful Portfolios LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor Firm based in Clearwater, FL. Parker helps individuals, families, and organizations plan and manage custom investment portfolios at leading brokerages including Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and Interactive Brokers.