Your Financial Planning To-Do-List for 2020 and Beyond

To Do List Page

It’s a concise, useful, and all-around fantastic checklist with relevant links. Here’s Successful Portfolios’ twelve-step Financial Planning To-Do-List for 2020 and beyond. It’s a must-read for anyone serious about personal finance.

  1. Inventory and record all your financial accounts and verify correct titling
  2. Designate account beneficiaries to avoid probate
  3. Prepare a Personal Financial Statement (PFS) and calculate your net worth
  4. Analyze your 2019 spending and consider making a budget for 2020
  5. Check your credit score and open balances owed
  6. Pay off expensive revolving credit accounts (but don’t close them)
  7. Download your social security statement
  8. Gather and consolidate your stranded retirement accounts
  9. Evaluate the tax-efficiency of your charitable giving
  10. Invest excess, low yielding, cash balances
  11. Stress-test your investment portfolio
  12. Schedule a financial review with a  well-qualified advisor

Call Successful Portfolios. Our Certified Financial Planner pros will guide, coach and motivate you to complete your financial planning to-do-list. You’ll be glad you did.


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