TARP Recipients

TARP Recipients

It has been years since the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, commonly referred to as a bailout of the U.S. financial system, became law.  Lest we forget, the bailout was in response to bad loans and cascading losses at financial institutions including the collapse or near-collapse of Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, AIG and Wachovia.  The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) authorized the U.S. Secretary of Treasury to spend up to $700 billion to purchase distressed assets and to make capital injections into banks.  Here is a partial list of TARP recipients and capital injected:

  1.  Citigroup $25 billion
    Bank Run

    Old Style Bank Run

  2. JPMorgan $25 billion
  3. Wells Fargo $25 billion
  4. Bank of America $15 billion
  5. Goldman Sachs $10 billion
  6. Merrill Lynch $10 billion
  7. Morgan Stanley $10 billion
  8. PNC Financial $7.7 billion
  9. US Bancorp $6.6 billion
  10. Capital One $3.55 billion
  11. Regions Financial $3.5 billion
  12. SunTrust $3.5 billion
  13. Fifth Third $3.4 billion
  14. BB&T Corp. $3.1 billion
  15. Bank of New York Mellon $3 billion
  16. Keycorp $2.5 billion
  17. Comerica$2.25 billion
  18. State Street $2 billion
  19. Marshall & Ilsle $1.7 billion
  20. Northern Trust $1.5 billion
  21. Huntington Bancshares $1.4 billion
  22. Zions Bancorporation $1.4 billion
  23. Synovus $973 million
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