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Successful Portfolios is an authorized independent advisor at Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and Interactive Brokers.

You can rely on our Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professionals to know the ins and outs of investing in stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, options, and alternatives.

Before you invest, we recommend you test your risk appetite with the award-winning online FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Assessment. It’s fast, fun, free, and revealing self-discovery.

Financial Planning

Our Certified Financial Planner (CFP) pros will help you craft a financial plan that reduces the stress of prioritizing and setting goals. Most important, we map a clear plan for achieving your ambitions and aspirations.

You’ll benefit from expert guidance and advice regarding personal financial statements, retirement planning, tax and estate planning, asset protection, and investment strategy.

Start planning today with our free online award-winning Right Capital Financial Planning Toolbox.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a multi-disciplinary, dynamic process encompassing both investments and financial planning.

Managing wealth shouldn’t be a stress-filled, solo slog.

Expert knowledge, experience, and collaboration are essential.

At Successful Portfolios LLC, our life’s work is helping individuals and families grow and protect wealth. Let’s talk!

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Who We Are

Successful Portfolios LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida. We’re an independent, fee-only, fiduciary firm.

Founded by Parker Evans, CFA, CFP, in 2010, our team manages more than $220 million in assets for over 200 discerning clients. It’d be our honor to hear your story. Let’s talk!

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Assets Under Management as of 12/31/2020

Grow and Protect Your Wealth. Live the Life You Want.

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Our wealth advisors are fiduciaries, helping investors like you strengthen their investment portfolio and grow their assets. Receive clear financial advice to your questions and learn proven investment solutions to your most vexing financial challenges.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

—   Warren Buffett

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  • What is a “Fee-Only” Financial Advisor and Why is it Important?

    According to the CFP Board, a “fee-only” financial advisor must not receive sales-related commissions.

    A life insurance agent, who accepts commissions, from an insurance agency or insurance company, for example, is not a “fee-only” only advisor. Likewise, a Series 7 Registered Representative paid a sales commission by a Broker-Dealer for selling investments.

    Here’s why we believe the “Fee-Only” method of compensation to be the most transparent and objective model of advisor compensation.

    January 13, 2020

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Achieving your financial goals begins with a conversation about your wealth management objectives. Take the first step by scheduling a free consultation today. One of our fiduciary wealth advisors will be happy to guide you through the investment process!