Investment Ideas

Investment Ideas

At Successful Portfolios, our trained investment professionals actively seek to uncover timely and durable ideas to help our clients make more money without taking undue risk.

We leverage various resources to research potential opportunities across asset classes. Our suite of analytical tools includes the Bloomberg Professional Terminal, Morningstar Advisor Workstation, and Seeking Alpha PRO. This provides comprehensive quantitative data and qualitative insights to inform our thinking. We also tap into research relationships with leading brokerages like Charles Schwab and Interactive Brokers to stay abreast of analyst reports.

However, we don’t take Wall Street research at face value. Our investment team critically analyzes these reports to find promising opportunities that may be overlooked.

We evaluate a wide range of securities:

  • Stocks across market caps, countries, sectors
  • Investment grade and high-yield bonds
  • Municipal, corporate, Treasury bonds and TIPS
  • Low-cost index ETFs tracking various markets.

Our alternative asset watchlist includes REITs, BDCs, SPACs, commodities, preferred shares, listed options, convertibles. We avoid illiquid private deals.

Ultimately, we combine quantitative analysis with decades of real-world experience navigating up and down markets. This perspective informs a prudent asset allocation approach aligned with each client’s needs.

We are committed to continuous rigorous research across asset classes to uncover timely investment ideas for our clients. Contact us to learn more about our methodical approach and discuss your portfolio.

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