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Risk Tolerance Bell Curve of Individual Investors

Importance of Assessing Your Risk Tolerance
Understanding your investment risk tolerance is essential for crafting a robust plan to grow and protect your wealth. That’s an edge you can’t afford to be without. Are you taking too much or too little risk in your portfolio? Download the Morningstar Target Risk Indexes Overview for greater insight and talk with the investment pros at Successful Portfolios.

Timeless Wisdom:
According to the Wall Street adage, investors should “sell down to the sleeping point.” This means that you should aim for a level of risk that allows you to rest easy and sleep peacefully. In other words, you want your portfolio risk to be just right, like Goldilock’s porridge.

Why Choose Morningstar’s Risk Profiler?

  • Scientifically Backed: Our questionnaire is rooted in science and is designed to gauge your financial risk-taking comfort level accurately.
  • Quick yet Comprehensive: In 10 minutes, your quiz answers will power a detailed report showcasing a wealth of helpful information.
  • Benchmarking: See how your Risk Tolerance Score, on a 0-100 scale, stacks up against other investors. For perspective, the average score is 50.
  • Bell Curve Distribution: Get a clear visual on the bell curve distribution of risk tolerance, understanding that most investors hover around the average risk tolerance level.
  • Self-Awareness: Identify exactly where you stand on this risk tolerance curve. And for a comprehensive view, consider having your spouse or partner take the quiz. Then, compare your scores to better understand your collective investment approach. Invaluable information for many couples.
  • Trustworthy Insights: Morningstar’s Risk Profiler adheres to psychometric standards developed by psychologists and statisticians.

Equipped with your risk tolerance insights, you’re prepared for an evidence-based discussion on tailoring a personalized investment strategy that optimizes asset allocation to maximize returns and keep risk in check.

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