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Successful Portfolios is pleased to provide you with a free online assessment of your personal risk tolerance, powered by the award-winning, internationally recognized FinaMetrica Risk Profiling System. Access to this unique tool costs $45 elsewhere! Get free, instant access below.

This short yet powerful online quiz is scientifically designed to reveal your investment risk tolerance in minutes. You get instant access to the quiz and your results complete with insightful commentary including where you stand in comparison to over a million other users. Your quiz results can help you create a well-allocated investment portfolio that fits your personal risk tolerance. With the right investments, you’ll sleep better at night!

Complete the form below and you’ll gain immediate access to the Finametrica quiz. Don’t worry, there are no right or wrong answers and clients tell us the quiz is fun to take.

When you have completed the quiz and reviewed your results, we invite you to call us at (727) 744-3614. Let us show you how to boost your investment returns while staying within your comfort zone.

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